Wedding Cakes

Yet another sunflower cake…

I had the joy of making yet another cheery sunflower cake for a multiple birthday party.



Homemade chocolate cake with raspberry filling and a creamy, but not too sweet frosting…

I hope you’re having a wonderful spring!

Sunflower Cake…


Here in Minnesota it has been very snowy… we still have snow and it’s April!!

We were going to have a few people over from church on Sunday evening, so I decided to decorate a summer-y cake to brighten up the day on Sunday. But, guess what? We had a blizzard/snowstorm! So we weren’t able to have guests over, but we were able to eat a cheery cake! :D

Enjoy the pictures!  And feel free to contact me for an order or just leave a comment to say “hi!” I love hearing from you!


And may you all have a wonderful spring!

Cakes for a 90th Birthday Party!

IMG_1082 - Copy

This order was for two marbled cakes covered with yummy, fluffy and not too sweet frosting. Simple. Yet, pretty. And one chocolate cake with the birthday message and a cardinal. Ready to go to the party…

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Two birthday cakes for my “brothers!”

IMG_2535 - Copy

For the past 3 years I’ve had the pure fun of making my “brother” Tiernan a birthday cake. The first year was a baseball cake, the second a football, and then this year he asked for a Crocodile Cake. I was hesitant…  but after looking through a bunch of crocodile pictures on google (and hoping [...]

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A Welcome Home Cake

IMG_1621 (1)

This cake was ordered by a lady for her friends who were returning from a mission trip in Brazil. Aside from the words and the outline of Brazil that the lady requested, the rest of the design was up to me… So I decided to go with red roses and flowers and green accents. {Christmas-y colors. } [...]

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The Cake Decorating Presentation!


On Monday I had the privilege of doing a cake decorating presentation at Thumper Pond for a ladies meeting. There were over 50 ladies there. Talking to the ladies after the meeting and answering more questions: I was asked to make an autumn cake… so this is what I made. Chocolate cake with super yummy creamy chocolate buttercream… oh, it [...]

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My new business cards!


So many projects are coming together for the cake decorating presentation coming up this Monday! And… now I have my very own business cards! Since I didn’t have enough time to order them I just made them. For now they will work out great!   I’m looking forward to sharing pictures with you all of the cakes [...]

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A Football Cake For My Brother


It’s always so much fun to make a special cake! My “adopted” brother Tiernan’s birthday was earlier this year and I had the joy of decorating a football cake for him! He was a happy young man!  

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